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Get your league started.  It's still free!!

For a limited time, all new leagues are welcome to keep their standings and schedules online using InGoodStandings.  We know that once you've experienced the many benefits we have to offer, you'll come back!

There are two ways to start you new league:

  1. Start your league NOW online

    • Sign on and create your league yourself
    • InGS will assist you whenever you need us

  2. Send an email to our advocates!!

    • An InGS Advocate will reply shortly
    • Our advocates will work with you via email/fax to get your league up and running in no time!


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Your First Season is FREE!

No cost!  No obligation!  And, for a limited time, we'll even add our advocate service.  So you can sit back and let us get you set up and operational!

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