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What is InGoodStandings All About?

The History:

InGoodStandings (InGS) has been conceived and developed by Allsoft Computer Designs (ACD), a small, family-run consulting firm headed by Don Young.

Several years ago, ACD developed a web site for their little league (www.ncyba.com).  In the beginning, schedules and standings were posted manually.  Two points soon became evident:

  1. The positive feed back for having the information online was tremendous

  2. There was a new demand (plea??) for more-regular information updates

ACD offered to begin a programming effort to make it quick and easy to maintain this information online.  We knew that such a system would be beneficial for this league as well as thousands of others just like across the nation (and world!). 

The Charter:

For the last three years, ACD has developed this product for a handful of local leagues with the following key objectives in mind:

  • Provide an Internet web site for Displaying a League's Schedules and Standings

  • Provide Internet Tools for quick and simple maintenance of the online information

  • Provide functions that encourage participation at all levels

  • Provide functions that facilitate communication at all levels

The feedback and praise from the local leagues has been encouraging!  ACD is now ready to open up InGoodStandings for general use.  We will continue to strive to provide this extremely beneficial offering at little or no cost to your organization.  Give it a try!!!

InGoodStandings focuses primarily on providing Internet/online scheduling and standings.  There are several needs your organization may have that you should NOT look towards InGoodStandings to provide.  Although these are real needs for many of your organizations, they are not currently part of the InGS development focus.  Our focus is narrow on purpose so we can concentrate on providing the best Internet standings offering you can find!  Here's some things InGS is NOT focusing on:

  • Providing your league with it's Internet web site (web-hosting)
         InGS cannot be used in a traditional fashion to create your league's primary Internet web pages.  It only displays your schedules, standings and news.  Leagues that already have web sites would place links on their existing web pages to get to the standings maintained within InGS.  Those without existing web sites would tell their fans to go to www.ingoodstandings.com and select their league.

  • Individual Player Statistics
         InGS does not yet focus on maintaining individual statistics.  The primary focus is on team standings.  Individual accomplishments can be recognized in the game highlights and on the various news pages.  But no database of individual player statistics currently exists.

  • Fund Raiser Activities
         InGS does not currently offer any league fund-raising modules.  Although we do offer a simple mechanism for sponsorship and advertising on your standings web pages which can be used by your league to generate revenues.

  • Player Registration
         InGS does not provide any modules or capabilities for league registration services.

  • Online Schedule Creation
         You cannot use the InGS web site to create your own schedules.  InGS does offer to take your information, create a schedule and place it online for you.  But we don't currently offer the means for you to do this yourself on our website.