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InGS Operational Overview

This page will help you to understand the various phases and tasks that you will experience while maintaining your standings within InGoodStandings.
  When you first register your league with InGoodStandings, you will enter your overall league information and your first "season" is then automatically created for you.  A season consists of one or more divisions.  And each division contains multiple teams.      
The primary functions you will be focusing on are highlighted below:
  • Season Preparation

    1. Create you new InGS Season

    2. Upload or enter your Schedules

    3. Assign your Administrators & Coaches

    4. (Division and Team)

  • Active Season Tracking

    1. Schedule changes are entered as they are determined.
           - Authorized admins approve the submitted changes.

    2. Coaches or Admins enter game scores and highlights online
         - Admins review and approve the submitted forms

    3. InGS Watches sent for schedule channges, game updates, news updates
         - Coaches automatically get Watch notifications for their team. 
         - Anyone else can register to have the Watch notifications sent for their favorite teams.

  • Communicate

    1. Fans, players and coaches set InGS Watches to keep updated via Email

    2. Admins, Caoches and their designees update the Team / Division News

    3. Admins easily send simple invitations, reminders and messages to each other

  • Maintain Sponsorships & Advertisements

    1. Sponsorship ads can be placed online at various levels:
         - Team
         - Division (and all the team pages within it)
         - Season (including all divisions and team pages)

    2. Text ads allow quick and easy ad creation and can link to sponsors websites

    3. Graphic ads can be uploaded and displayed