InGoodStandings Introduction

InGoodStandings Introduction

Season Preparation







  1. Update Your League & Season Structure











It all starts when you begin the season-setup process.  It is here that you perform some initialization tasks such as:











  • Set the global options for your league and season. 












Choose the columns that will display in your standings; Set various communications options; 











  • Create the Division and Team structures











  • Enter Field Information









  1. Enter the Schedules











After the league structure has been set up, the schedules must be entered.  This is done using the InGS Schedule module.









  1. Assign your Administrators











With the structure and schedules in place, you can now assign any administrators who will be participating in the maintenance of the standings, schedules, news and ads.

The league administrator is automatically granted the authority to perform all functions al all levels within that league.  In some leagues, this is all you will need and that person will carry out all the administration functions within InGS.  But more typically, you will delegate certain responsibilities to others.

Delegation is achieved by taking a specific function (e.g. entering game scores, updating schedules, sponsorship maintenance, game approval, etc.), and granting authorization for an individual to perform that function at a specific level (e.g. For a team, for an entire division; for an entire season, etc.)  For example:

  • John Doe is allowed to enter game results for the Dodger's team
  • Will Smythe is allowed to update schedules for the Mickey division
  • David Dillin is allowed to enter division news for the Minors division





















Entering Game Scores and Highlights







  1. Administrators enter scores and highlights











Anyone that you’ve authorized can now enter the results for their team or division by selecting a game from the InGS “game list” and entering line scores and highlights.











Game results are not immediately applied to the online standings.  Instead, they are placed into a "pending approval" state.















  1. Approve Game Scores











This step allows for the review of each game’s scores and highlights by one of the “game approvers” that you’ve authorized.  When the results are approved, they are immediately integrated into the online standings for all to see.  









  1. Watch Notifications are Sent











Anyone who has set a "Game Watch" for either of these teams or their division(s) is sent an email notifying them of these game results.





























  1. Set Watches











Watches are special settings that individuals set for themselves which result in email notifications being sent to them when certain events take place.











A Watch can be set for a specific team or for an entire division.  Setting a Watch for a division is equivalent to setting a Watch for each team in that division.










Watches can be set for the following events:





  • Game Results






You will be notified when game scores and highlights are entered for your selected team(s)











  • Schedule Changes






You will be notified whenever the schedule changes for your selected team(s)










  • News Updates






You will be notified whenever the team or division news pages are updated.









  1. Update the News











News sections are found on each season and division page as well as on each team page.  Each news page is maintained separately at the appropriate level.  A division administrator will update the news on the division page and team managers and administrators normally maintain the news on their team's page.










News pages are a good way to perform a variety of functions including: 











  • Display schedule for work parties
  • Display meeting dates and times
  • Post the team practice schedule
  • Remind players and coaches of upcoming events and obligations















  1. Send Invitations, Reminders and Messages











Administrators and managers can communicate with one another using the Message Center.  Emails, reminders and invitations are amongst the types of message that can easily be sent after selecting the list of recipients from the league structure. 






















Maintain Sponsorships & Advertisements








  1. Maintain your league's sponsor ads online











InGS provides you the opportunity to purchase low cost advertising slots which are displayed on your standings web pages while your viewers are browsing through the standings.  You can inbclude these as part of your sponsorship package or separate them providing your league with an additional revenue source. 















  1. Create Text Ads for your sponsors











Text ads consist of words and links so they can be placed online quickly and easily. 









  1. Upload graphic ads from your sponsors











Graphic Ads can be obtained from the sponsor and uploaded to InGS where they can be migrated into an Ad Spot just as you would for a text ad.