Pricing Structure


InGoodStandings Usage Fees



Regular “Per Season” Pricing


Your First Season is Free!  NO CHARGE.


To use InGoodStandings for your league schedules, standings and all the other functions (except tournament brackets), you will pay a monthly fee for each Season that is active according to the following schedule.  Within a season, you can define as many divisions as you need.  To determine your total number of teams, add up all of the teams in each division within your season (excluding playoff brackets):


Monthly fee, up to 75 teams:                        $35.00 *


* Note: Tier Pricing is for 1 to 75 teams.  For 76 to 150 teams, double the monthly costs.


Tournament Brackets


Each tournament/playoff bracket must be purchased.  There is a discount if  the bracket will reside within a paid InGS season


1 Tournament Bracket (within an active InGS Season) :          $15.00


1 Tournament Bracket (not within an active InGS Season) :     $25.00


Organizational “Per Month” Pricing


Tournament Brackets included!


“Per Month” pricing allows your organization to define multiple “seasons” for each separate league without invokling the normal InGoodStandings monthly season charges.  Organizations hosting many leagues benefit from this option.

This service is prepaid in intervals of 3, 6 or 12 months.  There is no additional charge for Tournament Brackets although their total team must be included in your organization's totoal team count.  The InGS Advocate Service can be added for any season or tournament at the regular InGS Advocate rates.


Monthly fee per Tier (75 active teams): *
                         3 Month Cost:   $180

                          6 Month Cost:   $330   ($30 discount)

                        12 Month Cost:   $600   ($120 discount)



* Note: Each Tier includes up to 75 active teams.  Tier 2 would include up to 150 teams, and would double the costs.




InGoodStandings Advocate Fees


With the popular InGS “Advocate Service”, we’ll do most of the “work” for you.  We set up your league structure, enter your schedules, assign and assist your coaches, approve your game score entries and more!


Monthly fee, up to 75 teams:                        $35.00 **


** For organization pricing, each league must choose this service individually




Advertising Fees


First time users: 3 free credits for your first season


Advertising fees vary depending on the zone that you are placing the ad in as well as the type of ad you’re placing (text or graphic).  These are the monthly fees.  Ad credits are purchased at $5.00 each and are then applied when you put an ad in place on your website.  For more info, see the Administrators Advertising Guide.


                                                Text or Graphic Ad 

Sponsor Zones

            Team-Level                $5 per month
            Division-Level            $10 per month

            Season-Level              $15 per month


Announcement Zone               $15 per month



Schedule Creation


InGoodStandings will work with you and run your specifications through our scheduling program, and place that schedule online in your league’s InGS web pages.  You then have complete flexibility to alter the schedule as needed using the InGS schedule administration tools.  The pricing tier depends on the complexity of your parameters.  Contact us for more information.


Simple Division Schedule:                    $40.00

Complex Division Schedule:               $100.00 to $150.00



InGoodStandings Banner Replacement


You can replace the InGoodStandings banner at the top of all its Standings web pages with your organization’s banner.  You provide InGS with the replacement banner graphic and we’ll replace all the top-level “InGoodStandings” banners with your organization’s banner.


InGS-Leagues:             $35.00 per month


InGS-Organizations:    $25.00 per month