Benefits for Early Signup


Why should I sign up before the start of my season?


There are several features within InGoodStandings (InGS) which are extremely beneficial to the league organizers, officials and administrators.


Communication Amongst Officers During Pre-Season


Once you have created your league structure within InGS and have assigned your division and/or team administrators, you can immediately benefit by using:


  • News Watches
    Each division has it’s own separate InGS News Page.  Whenever you update the text within any Division News Page, each of the administrators within that division is automatically sent an email message showing them the updated news section.
  • Message Center
    In the Message Center, all of your coaches and administrators are listed for you to select individually or as divisional groups.  You can then simply send an email message or perform a variety of other communication functions within that group.

    Your managers can also use the
    Message Center to easily communicate amongst themselves for pick up games, schedule modifications, etc.

Tracking of Division Structure and Schedule Creation


When you first create your league within InGoodStandings, it is “hidden” from general view (by not including it in the league lists).  This gives you the opportunity to prepare your new season by modifying the league structure and setting up the schedules.  During this time you give anyone the specific Internet address of your new season so they can access it.  This gives you a good opportunity to:


  • Build and adjust the division structure and schedules with your officers
    As you create your divisions and build your schedules, you can immediately share this information with other appropriate officers and managers before unveiling it to the public.  Now, all the necessary officers will be viewing the same information all the time!


Manager Communication to Players and Families


Using the InGS Team News Section, managers can immediately begin communicating with their players and families.  Have your players set a “news watch” on their team, then any updates to the Team News Page will result in an email being sent to the player. 


Sponsorship Setup


As your sponsorships come in during pre-season, you can be building their logos and/or advertising messages preparing them to be actually applied to your standings web site at the appropriate time.