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Officials Assignments Module

InGoodStandings (InGS) provides you the tools to build and maintain groups of officials (umpires, referees, etc.) and then assign them to your scheduled games.

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Here's how it works:

Authorize Your Administrators

  • Authorize the league members you choose to be able to update the officials groups

Organize Your Groups

  • Groups can be entered or changed at any time during a season to suit your needs

  • Create a new group by merely entering its name and description

  • Modify any part of an existing group by clicking on it and updating it

  • Assign each group to the leagues/seasons/divisions that they can be selected from

Add Members to Your Group

  • Point and click to assign officials to their appropriate group

  • Assign Officials to multiple groups as needed

Assign Officials to Your Scheduled Games

  • Your Scheduler picks the officials for each game from a list of officials eligible to officiate that game.

  • Email notifications are sent to the Officials as they are added/removed from games

Keep Informed

  • League administrators see which games need assignments

  • Umps and Refs check at any time to see when they are scheduled