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    In Good Standings Welcomes You !

InGoodStandings (InGS, for short) provides you with a website to maintain your league's schedules, game scores, highlights, and division standings.  Our focus is to provide a fast and easy way to provide your community with up-to-date information on the Internet and via email.  Players, friends and relatives can visit your standings web pages and keep up to date on their favorite team or player from any computer, anywhere

Features that Help YOU!!

 Online League / Division Standings
  Game scores and schedule updates from home
 Auto email notifications of schedule changes
 Simple sponsorship / advertising module
 League administration help from InGS

It's A Tool for Communication

Maintaining your league standings and schedules online provides valuable feedback to your players and their families and fans worldwide!  With InGS, you can provide your coaches and community with:

 Up-to-date schedules online 24 / 7
 Current league standings and game highlights
 Team news for coaches to communicate with
 A Message Center for coaches and admins
 Announcement ads for community reach-out
 Logo and text ads for sponsor communication

It's Offered as a Service to Your Organization

You can get your organization online with little effort.  We'll get your league created, your coaches primed and your scores entered with our InGS Advocate program.

We know that many of you have no "extra" time to spend, no matter how beneficial the effort might be.  So we offer our InGS Advocate program which, simply put, does the work for you!  Our advocate team is online every day to perform the normal tasks associated with maintaining your standings online.  Some of those tasks:

Set up your league structure
Enter your schedules
Assist your coaches
Enter/Approve game scores
Manage your ads

So you can get your league standings showcased, your coaches communicating and your fans informed, all with a just few emails or faxes sending InGS your information.

It's a Service That Pays YOU!

InGS provides and simple, and yet, effective way for you to place sponsorships on your standings web pages.  One sponsor alone could pay for the cost of using InGS ten times over!!

 Create text ads with links to sponsor website
 Upload graphical logos and ads 


Ump & Ref Assignments
You'll be able to maintain officials- groups and assign them to your scheduled games

Schedule Creation Service

Let us create your division schedule and place it online!

More Details

It's FREE!

InGoodStandings is free for you to use*. And, your first season includes our Advocate Service at no charge.  So you can sit back and let us get your season set up and operational!

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* for small to medium volume leagues

InGS Advocate Program
We'll do it for you!!
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Are you a Multi-League Facility or Organization?

Let us help you to coordinate your league participation

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Enhance Your Existing Website

InGS integrates well with your existing website.  You can easily link from your web pages to any part of your InGoodStandings pages.