Message Center Overview

The Message Center can be an important communications tool for your organization.  It allows you to easily browse your season administrator list and select one or a group of addressees, and then select a pre-determined function or send a message to that group.

Simple Communications Amongst Administrators

The Message Center provides a means for InGS participants (team, division, league administrators) to communicate.
There are various functions that InGS allows including:
  • Addressee selection:
    You can easily select of one or more individuals to receive your message from the list of administrators and their assigned teams or divisions.
  • Send Email:
    After selecting who you want to receive your email, a new email message will open on your computer addressed to that group
  • Special Function Messages:
      These messages are generated from InGS with your return email address on them.  They include a specific message depending on the topic you choose, and they also allow you to append text of your own.  Special functions include:
    • Scrimmage or Non-League Game Invitation
    • Reminder to enter past game scores